10 Methods to Generate More Leads in 2021


he bread and butter of business is a quality product and outstanding customer service. But there's a secret ingredient that often goes underappreciated: leads. 

To survive and thrive in the modern marketplace, businesses of all sizes need an ample supply of leads coming in the door. If you don’t keep them coming, you risk folding up shop due to lack of interest (or depleting your already-decimated bank account).

As it turns out, generating leads is kind of a big deal – and you should make it a priority in 2021. With the world going to a digital-first marketplace, you will need to boost the top of your funnel if you want your business to maintain a competitive edge.

Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Without further ado, here are ten tips that can help anyone generate leads now and in 2021.


1. Your Product or Service is Your Main Lead Magnet

If you are going to draw strong interest, you need an even stronger magnet.

Of course, you have to have something entertaining/practical/innovative that potential customers want to attract people's attention. That said, sometimes the best lead magnets take time and effort on your end – but when executed correctly, they can offer massive ROI for your business. Don't be afraid to use your products and services as the bait!


2. Pinpoint Your Ideal Customer's Pain Points

Many customers aren't ready to buy your product or service right off the bat. To make matters worse, these same customers may not even understand their pain points (and therefore don't know what you're selling). However, they might be interested if you solve their pain points. The best way to do this? Ask them!

You can use this data in various ways, from crafting better lead magnets and ads to determining the best time to reach out with a special offer.


3. Use Contests to Boost Your Mailing List

One of the biggest complaints about lead magnets is that they can be uninspiring (or even ugly). However, there's a simple solution for this common problem: contests!

People like free things and contests make lead magnets fun and unique. Come up with a creative contest (or two), and you'll generate more interest in your product or service.


4. Create Custom Content that Meets Customers at Their Stage

When it comes to generating leads, not everyone is ready to buy right away – especially if they're early in the buying cycle. To make matters worse, there is a vast difference between your early and late leads (and you can't use the same lead magnets for everyone).

Here's what to do: create custom content that meets customers at their stage in the buying process. This will help move them closer to purchasing your product or service – and give you a much-needed boost in the process.


5. Identify Your Lead’s “Decision Makers”

Why are you generating leads? If your answer is to simply have more people on your mailing list, then you should keep looking for ideas elsewhere. However, if you want actual results – i.e., sales – it's essential to identify your lead's decision-makers.

In other words, you have to know who will be the final say so in a purchase. Once you've identified this person, you can craft lead magnets and distribute them accordingly. In other words, give them what they want!


6. Ask for Referrals from Your Existing Customers

When it comes to generating leads, your best bet is to have a strong referral program. Just ask for referrals from your existing customers! You can even sweeten the deal by offering discounts or premiums of some kind.


7. Create a Product or Service that Keeps Customers Coming Back 

When it comes to generating leads, the key is to have customers for life. Why? Because these loyal customers are your best people when it comes to referrals and repeat business.

And while building this type of customer loyalty can be difficult in its own right, one tactic you can use is to create a product or service that keeps customers coming back. In other words, build a better mousetrap!


8. Offer Free Trials for Your Product or Service

People will buy from people they know and trust – and the best way to do this is by offering free trials for your product or service. Not only does this establish trust, but you'll also get people on your mailing list who are much closer to actually purchasing.


9. Use a Content Marketing Strategy

Your best bet for generating leads is to use a content marketing strategy – and these strategies can vary wildly depending on what you're selling and how advanced your business is (and the size of your wallet).

That said, if you're serious about generating leads, it's worth reaching out to a professional marketing agency. This way, you can get ideas for your company and develop a content strategy that works.


10. Experiment with New Marketing Approaches

The best way to get leads is by trying out new marketing approaches and using those that work for your business. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities - they may pop up unexpectedly, or they might be strategies you're already familiar with that you just haven't had much success with. Always be willing to try something new!



The Keys to Getting Leads? Transparency & Authenticity

Each of the above tools for generating leads will only work if you are transparent with your customers. Customers want to know who they're working with, and being open about what you do for them will help you get the leads you need.

With the right level of transparency, you can use any of the above methods - or all ten - to help supercharge your marketing in the coming year.

The same goes for being authentic. Let potential leads know that you are offering real value to them, and they will be much more likely to open up your emails.

Marketing is changing every day - you have to keep up with these changes if you want your business to succeed in 2021 and beyond.


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