Lead Generating Module

Like its name, lead generating module is all about getting you more leads and customers. And the best way to do so is to run paid advertisements. Marketing experts in our team will create and run compelling and super-targeted ad campaigns on the best platforms (like Google or Facebook) to pursue a desirable return. In addition, we will do consistent tests and updates to maximize your ROI.

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Lead Generating Module

We are specialists in both marketing and data science, and we apply our full range of talent to create the perfect solution for our clients.




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Right Now Is The Best Time To Get Started!

Pandemic has forced businesses to try online marketing. However, many companies have done it incorrectly, losing both time and money.

But we get it. Online marketing is complicated. It can be stressful and overwhelming when you do it all alone! So why not find some experts doing it for you? Our marketing experts will plan out everything for you from design to delivery. So the right offer is sent to the right people at the right time. Not to mention everything is measurable and predictable. With our super targeted ad campaigns, you can double or even triple your investment!

With that being said, there is no better time to contact us than right now! Click the contact button and begin your first step toward building a more successful and profitable business.


Lead Generating Module

3.5 billion searches each day on Google, 1.9 billion daily active users on Facebook! Can you imagine how much more money you can make if we show your ads to the right customers at the right time on Google or Facebook?

In Lead Generating Module, We help your business create super-targeted and measurable campaigns on the most lucrative platforms to pursue the desired ROI. Our team of advertising experts will turn your 1$ into 2$, 3$, and more!

Key Results of LGM

1.  Boost Sales Online

We create and manage creative and profitable ad campaigns to boost your sales online.

2.  Streams of New Leads and Customers

Showing your offers on the best ad platforms to create streams of new leads and customers.

3.  Fast Business Growth

Our team of advertising experts will turn your $1 into $2, $3, and even more to help your business achieve major growth as fast as possible.


We Are Different.

You may wonder: there are thousands of advertising agencies or even more out there; what makes Autofire Strategy different?

The truth is, many advertising agencies only offer one or two services, and their agency-level services are expensive — a single service costs thousands of dollars.

We do it differently. We developed a system that includes all the marketing strategies a successful business has and needs. And it can be flexibly adjusted under your current game plan. For your business, it is truly a game-changer.

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Few Reasons Why You Should Choose Us

We are able to consistently create compelling and profitable ad campaigns that turn $1 into $2, $3, or even more.

Getting Started

Get Started In Three Easy Steps!

Ready to get started? Follow these three easy steps to win the competition!

Step 1:

Schedule A Free Consulting Call:

Begin with Booking a call...

We will have our marketing experts analyze your business during the call and develop a custom game plan that will help your business get more customers and sales, step by step.

We'll even walk you over the exact strategies we will use to help you grow your business profitably. 

With that being said, You are only one call away from improving your business!

Step 2:

Implementing The Plan

Next, if you decided to work with us...

We'll begin onboarding and start implementing the plan we developed in step 1.

We will set up everything ranged from brand-enhancing to lead generating, correctly and efficiently.

After we finish, we will send you everything we have come up with for your final approval. Then, we will press the big red button and let it fire. 

Step 3:

Managing and Optimizing

What do we do after the setup...

We will optimize your plan constantly, analyze collected data, test new strategies, and manage new ad campaigns along the way.

We also offer monthly reports showing you how much your business grow in the last month. And fast support during regular business hours.

Let us do all the busy work for you when you focus on growing your business!